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What is Baptism all about?   

Baptism is much more than giving your child a name (or Christening)  in effect you did that when you registered the birth.  Baptism has a much deeper meaning than that.

Baptism is about forgiveness.  It is a picture of God washing away our sins.  None of us are perfect (even your baby - it didn't need teaching to be naughty did it?).  As we grow up we go on doing wrong - only we learn to cover it up better.  So we all need God's forgiveness.  When Jesus died on the cross he took our sins into himself.  This means that we can be forgiven and go free, even when we don't deserve it!  Jesus asks us to admit our need of forgiveness, and receive it from him.

Baptism is about new life.  As your child is washed in the waters of Baptism they die to the old self and are born again to new life, life with Christ - it is a spiritual life, with the Holy Spirit of Jesus living in us.

What does baptism mean for my child?  

It means two main things:

1 - Your child becomes a member of God's family - the church.

The church is not a building!  It is a community of people.  Baptism marks the birth of your child into that family.

2 - Your child begins his or her journey as a Christian.

Each one of us is on a journey, travelling through life accompanied by God in his Holy Spirit. Baptism marks the first step on that journey, a journey which will continue throughout our lives.

Above all else Baptism is a wonderfully happy event where your child begins their journey as a Christian supported by the fellowship and community of faith that we have in the church.

When will the Baptism Service take place?

Baptism Services take place at 12.00pm on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, except during Lent and Advent.

The parents are also asked to bring their child to the Short Family Service on the 3rd Sunday of the month, to be welcomed to Baptism.

We look forward very much to welcoming

your child into the family of the Church!

If you would like to book a baptism, or find out more about it, then please call in to the Parish Office (in the St. Paul's Centre attached to St. Mary's) on Saturday mornings between 10.45 - 11.15am.  We will be please to answer any queries you might have.

There is a Baptism Application Form here (PDF).

If you require any further information, please contact the Parish Administrator or email us.

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