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Confirmation 2018

It has been decided to postpone Confirmation Classes until the vacancy is filled due to the increased workload they would entail.

Revd Frany  

A Week away in Mull & Iona

On Sunday 29th April 2018 a merry group of 27 local pilgrims plus Michelle, our spiritual guide, collected together at Warlingham Green ready to set off on a journey to visit the island of Iona off the West Coast of Scotland.  We travelled in similar style to those cosseted premier league football players in a magnificent Eavesway coach, the very latest in luxury and comfort. The length of time allowed for the journey simply underlined how far we were to go. On our way we could share thoughts and previous experiences about the Scottish isles. We even had a reading from “Love of Country, a Hebridean Journey” by Madeleine Bunting: our first stop was at Preston.

The following day we continued travelling from Preston to Oban, stopping for lunch at Callendar, otherwise known as the BBC fictional Tannochbrae, home to Doctor Finlay, who of course lived at Arden House with Janet and Doctor Cameron. Once at Oban we took the ferry to the Isle of Mull and then to our hotel for the next three days.

Waking up the following morning to adverse weather conditions meant we would postpone our visit to Iona. Instead we enjoyed a visit to the remote Duart castle, the ancestral home of clan Maclean. The ideal spot to keep watch and command the surrounding waters. Also we had a lecture in whisky making at the distillery in Tobermory, Younger folk may remember the BBC series Ballamory another fictional town based on Tobermory with colourful homes adjacent to the harbour.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, some of the party developed a taste for, and an avid interest in, whisky leading to much testing of different varieties during the evening relaxation. A lot of spirit moved!

It is by now Wednesday and time to cross Mull by coach on a single-track road to head for Iona, a small island off the coast of Mull. Another ferry, and the sounds that greeted us were of birds and lapping waters, the manic pressures of everyday life left behind. We walked together around the Island of Iona at the pace of the slowest. How wonderful to slow down to be aware of each other, and to be at peace with the world. The amazing Jenna, our spiritual guide for the day, highlighted various places to pray, and where to be aware of the sights and sounds to be found on Iona.

Jenna recounted the story of St. Columba whose legacy has kept the island as a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years.  

The population is tiny and houses and farms are far from each other. Having a baby would need careful planning; expectant mothers must go to Oban on the mainland weeks before the due date to ensure reaching the hospital in time. Even so there were tales of babies born on-board lifeboats desperately speeding for the mainland.

As you can gather, we had a lot of fun and sharing times learning from each other supported by the wonderful Michelle, who led our daily morning prayer. The spiritual highlight of the pilgrimage came the next day. From our hotel in Mull we returned to Iona. First we had a lively and committed tour of the Abbey led by an enthusiastic and very young Scottish lady. Then Michelle led a beautiful and moving service, which included special hymns and prayers from Iona. The spirit of the Abbey moved within us all as we shared the Eucharist and the peace. A bond was created between us and we discovered why we had travelled so far.

There were many opportunities to reconnect with nature. God certainly inspired us all, not least through the love and care witnessed between friends and partners, a real sense of community.

The weather was sometimes a challenge but our tour leader, the attentive David, didn’t allow that to spoil our enjoyment or cancel any part of the expected itinerary. One minute rain or hailstones, and the next bright sunshine that had us stripping down to t-shirts.

Back to home now and on the way a cruise on the waters of Loch Lomond: we couldn’t see the tops of the mountains that surrounded us, as the mist shrouded the glacial valley. There is definitely no monster in Loch Lomond, I think.

To be in a world as God created it, far from crowds and sharing roads with Highland cattle - not cars - was a joy. We were privileged one night to see the moon rising as a spectacular glowing orange ball: at first we thought it was the sun going the wrong way.

All in all a lovely trip with lots of memories - and lots of shortbread, too.       (More here)

Praying Together

Making time to pray together the

first Wednesday of the month

Wednesday 1st August

Wednesday 5th September

at 7pm

A time of Silent Prayer followed by the short service of Compline

in the Sacrament Chapel, St. Mary’s Church

Led by Rev. Frany Long

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