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Lifts to Church

I think it is very common for Christians to say that God’s plan was not what they had in mind which is exactly the position I now find myself in.

From two different addresses in Caterham on the Hill, for the best part of 25 years I walked to church until I saw a request in the pews news to help with transport from the Village.

‘I walk to church but don’t mind helping out’ I said.  This then became a weekly event as I tried in vain to find drivers with space for both passengers and their walking frames.  Fortunately there has been sufficient help when we were away to prevent two regular attendees of the 9.30 Service being unable to attend or having to pay for a taxi.   A blessing for me is that before she moved I got to know Christine Pilch. As with so many that are part of our large congregation I had known her for years, but not really.  She took an interest in the family and cried with excitement when Aaron got his first choice university offer! I won’t lose touch now and plan to visit her in her new home.  I can even bring her along for special services if she wishes.

So rather than sending out yet another plea for help please tell me your story.  How long have you been coming to church and how do you get there?  Could you help out once a year?  It would mean so much to those who are unable to get to church independently.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Liz Cooke

T. 01883 349748 / M. 07787 967336

Spring Pleasure

The long dark nights are coming to an end,

And chilly Winter days are gone at last.

We wake in daylight to see clearer skies,

And early morning frost is in the past.

Spring arrives with blossom in her wake

With varied hues of yellow, pink and white,

Delicate shades that match the still pale sun

And give us pleasure, a very welcome sight.

The birds, ready to mate and build their nests,

Are looking in trees and hedges for their place,

And garden squirrels are back and full of life

Hunting for food and having a merry chase.

Once again, from treetops and from roofs,

Starting at dawn, the birds begin to sing,

As sombre Winter’s silence fades away,

Such joy to hear the music of the Spring!

Irene Schofield

Praying Together

Making time to pray together on the

first Wednesday of the month

Wednesday 5th April

Wednesday 3rd May

at 7pm

A time of Silent Prayer followed by the short service of Compline in the Sacrament Chapel, St Mary’s Church

Led by Rev. Frany Long

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Lifts to Church

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Praying Together

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Chaldon & Caterham

Floral Club Meetings

Satisfied Seniors Get Active

Open car with passengers

Guided Tours of

St. Lawrence’s

Ancient Church

Church Hill, Caterham

Starting at 3pm

Sunday 23rd April

Sunday 30th April

Bank Holiday

Monday 1st May

Sunday 14th May

Bank Holiday

Monday 29th May

Adults: £3                  Children: Free

All proceeds go towards the

upkeep of the Church

St Lawrence Church Entrance Nesting bird Tree blossom