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The Wise Men’s Story

Oh, what an epic journey it was,

Such a very long way.

If we had known how long it would take,

Would we have set off that day?

But the sign was there, a new star in the skies

Foretold a king’s birth, we must go.

We’d studied the heavens, we knew all the stars,

But still much we didn’t know.

We said farewell to those we loved,

The camels stood patiently by,

We packed food, drink, our charts, our gifts,

And indeed our hopes were high.

Day after day, week after week,

The star led us on to the west,

The days were hot, the nights were cold

But we willingly faced the test.

And after many wearisome weeks,

Jerusalem came into view.

Elated, we hastened and went to the court

To find out what they knew.

A new king? No, they had no news,

Go to Bethlehem, they said,

They’ve had a census, they will know,

So we went, and the star still led.

Our innkeeper knew just where to find

The humble place of birth,

A donkey and cattle were bedded there,

Hay and straw covered the earth.

A young couple greeted us with joy,

The woman, smiling, serene,

Holding a baby boy in her arms.

This is the King, what does it mean

We knelt before him and offered our gifts

Of frankincense, myrrh and gold,

We wondered which kingdom this child would rule,

This our star had not foretold.

Would he be kind to his animals,

This boy born amongst the cattle,

Would he make just laws,

Would he fight for a cause,

Or would he die young in battle?

We talked of the future of this child

As we set off home next day,

What lay in store for him,

We know no more of him,

There’s nothing more we can say.

Irene Schofield

Praying Together

Making time to pray together the

first Wednesday of the month

Wednesday 3rd January

Wednesday 7th February

at 7pm

A time of Silent Prayer followed by the short service of Compline in the Sacrament Chapel,

St Mary’s Church

Led by Rev. Frany Long

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Wise Men on the road to Bethlehem