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St. Mary the Virgin Awaiting a new Incumbent

Many of our members have not been through a vacancy (previously called an interregnum), so I will try to explain what is involved. This is a period of time when we do not have a residential priest and we are waiting for the right person to come along. Father Duncan’s incumbency terminates on March 31st, so after that date we can begin to prepare to welcome a new person. This involves a process of writing a job description, advertising the position and producing an attractive Parish Profile.

This is much the same as any advert for a position in any organisation. However, once we have worked on this all the applications go to Bishop Jonathon and he will short list the applicants to three candidates. A group of us will interview the candidates and hopefully find one who will like us and will suit our parish and congregation. The new incumbent then has to resign from his or her present position, before he or she can start with us. We are hoping to have our paperwork ready for April, so that we might have a new incumbent by the end of year. There is no guarantee of this happening!

In between, we are sort of on our own, with the help of the Revds. Frany and Simon and supported by the Caterham Team. These peoples’ help will be invaluable over the next nine months and beyond, so please welcome them and make them feel appreciated and help them find all they need. Not only are we covering all the Sunday services, but weddings, baptisms and funerals where we can. Life carries on at St. Mary’s Caterham and our doors must be open and welcoming.

Everything else in the Church has to continue as normal as well, so all the committees need to meet and keep things going.  Our next big festival is Easter, when volunteers will be needed to help clean and decorate the church before the big day.  The cleaning will take place on Easter Saturday, before the evening service of ‘Bringing the Light back into the Church’, followed by refreshments in the St. Mary’s Hall.

There are many parishioners who may see this as a time to come forward and volunteer to help.

We are always needing: ‘Welcomers’ at the door on a Sunday to hand out books and leaflets, servers (especially Acolytes), people to help with coffee and teas after church on a Sunday morning, people to help clean the church once a month, and others to maintain the buildings and grounds.

Please start to think about the ‘May Fair’ on May 12th. Items can be stored at the back of church after April 1st. Put food items in mouse-proof containers!

Please come and see Hilary or Martha if you feel you could assist the church in any way.

Thank you for your support.

Martha Ellison & Hilary Clark


A Rousing Sermon

Thank you to Rev Helen Burnett for a wonderful service and inspiring sermon on 4th March (3rd Sunday in Lent).

‘What makes you angry?’ she asked and we ended up marching with placards accompanied by Free Spirit Music Group singing ‘We Are Marching’ against : unkindness, war, Syria, cruelty to animals, plastic waste, pollution, food waste, Brexit, terrorism, bullies, exclusion & selfishness, amongst others.

Praying Together

Making time to pray together the

first Wednesday of the month

Wednesday 4th April

Wednesday 2nd May

at 7pm

A time of Silent Prayer followed by the short service of Compline in the Sacrament Chapel,

St Mary’s Church

Led by Rev. Frany Long

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Church Electoral Roll



Those who have recently become members of St. Mary’s (and those who have been members for some time and omitted to fill in a form in the past) are invited to complete an Electoral Roll Application form.

Forms are available from the back of the Church: please return it to Barbara Holloway, our Electoral Roll Officer, c/o The Parish Office (01883 348751).  If you’re already on the Roll and have changed your address during the year, please let Barbara know.

We are Marching