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Guild of Friends of St. Lawrence’s Church

The Guild‘s Annual General Meeting

will be held on Friday 26th April

at 7.30pm in St Lawrence’s Church

It will be followed by drinks

All Welcome

Signs Of Spring

Forsythia in yellow bud,

Birdsong in the early dawning,

And then one morning

Waking up to see again,

Daylight through the window pane.

On tables and on windowsills

We place a vase of daffodils,

And gardeners come out in strength

To prune some shrubs and mend the fence.

Halfway through March and hopes are high

‘Til one day there’s a leaden sky,

With bitter wind and drifting sleet,

We shiver and turn up the heat.

While hungry birds on tree and shed

Wait eagerly for nuts or bread.

But soon the bulbs awake and show

Their green shoots as they start to grow.

Now it’s time to remove the weeds

To make space for new plants and seeds

And from the hardened winter earth

We see spring’s bountiful re-birth,

Such a miracle, just look around

There’s so much beauty to be found

Irene Schofield

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East Surrey Walkers

Live at St. Lawrence’s

Family Fun at Chaldon

Church Hill, Caterham

Adults: £3  Children: free

All proceeds go towards upkeep of the Church