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My name is Rosie Duckett.

 I am 19 years old, and currently working as a gap-year student at a local prep school, before going to University later this year to study Primary Teaching.

I have been babysitting for family, friends and people in the local area for 3 years. Please contact me if you need any babysitting in either the evening or daytime.

Call me:  07717 600549 (mob),  01883 345055 (home).

Amy Jones, a responsible 19-year-old girl with experience of looking after children would be happy to baby-sit for you.   

Please call 01883 342683.

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Evensong - poem


East Surrey Walkers

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Rita Palmer

May She Rest in Peace

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East Surrey Walkers

Details of ESW walks can be seen as a table on their website, which is updated every 3 months. Walks start at 10am unless otherwise stated.

For full details on joining East Surrey Walkers, or to see their 3 monthly programme of walks, please go to

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One lovely evening a week ago,

I sat in the garden to read a while.

I had a new Nick Hornby book,

Amusing stuff, he made me smile.

All was calm, the sky was clear,

A magpie flew off from the apple tree,

His chattering gone and peace restored,

I carried on reading to chapter three.

Time to go in, it was nearly nine,

I closed my book and left my chair,

Then suddenly came a beautiful sound,

A blackbird’s song filled the evening air.  

I looked up and saw the bird perched high

Up at the top of our tall pine tree,

With trembling beak and puffed out chest,

He seemed to be singing just for me.

What a truly magical song,

Those lovely notes, that blackbird’s voice,

I stood and listened, and it seemed to me

That little bird was singing to rejoice

At all the beauty he saw around -- 

And then it was over, he flew away.

What pleasure I’d had by hearing that song,

I hoped he would return next day.

I gave thanks to God for his lovely world,

I was uplifted by the music I’d heard,

What pleasures we have from many creatures,

But especially a singing blackbird.

Irene Schofield

Sitting reading blackbird singing