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Quiet Days

Ever wondered what they’re all about? My first experience of a quiet day was probably about 15 years ago. I had 2 small children at the time so it sounded great. However, when I arrived at St. Mary’s, Farleigh I was not so sure and had a quiet panic to myself, a common occurrence when we long for something and suddenly find our wish has come true. Fortunately Frany, who was leading the day, read my mind and instantly put me at ease in her initial address. I remember going for a walk and chatting!

Since then I’ve been on a few quiet days and they’ve each been slightly different. I love being outside and always take any opportunity to walk, generally on my own and in silence, whilst others on the course do beautiful craftwork or read. I always have time to sit and think and pray, and some of the most meaningful Eucharists I have ever taken have been at the end of the day during the final act of worship. I find there is structure to each day and time to use as I wish. The day never drags, suddenly it is time to go home back to the bustle of life. Finally, if ever Maureen is involved there will always be homemade cake with tea at the end!

So if you have never attended a quiet day, or it is some time since you have, I urge you to sign up for the next one. Another way to snatch some reflective time is to come to Frany’s service on the first Wednesday of the month at 7.00pm in the Lady Chapel. She starts with a reading or reflection followed by half an hour of silent prayer ending with compline, a said service that everyone participates in. ‘I can’t sit still for half an hour’ said someone to me. After attending the service the response was ‘that went quickly’.

If you have never attended “Time and Space” then do come to one of these services held on the second Sunday of each month at 6.00pm in St. Lawrence’s. This title is so apt. We all need time and space and I hope that after reading this article you find more in your life.

Liz Cooke

East Surrey Walkers

We are unable to list the walks for April as they had not been posted when we went to print.  

However, by the beginning of April, their 3-monthly programme of walks should have been updated on their website at:


For full details on joining East Surrey go to:



My name is Rosie Duckett.

 I am 19 years old, and currently working as a gap-year student at a local prep school, before going to University later this year to study Primary Teaching.

I have been babysitting for family, friends and people in the local area for 3 years. Please contact me if you need any babysitting in either the evening or daytime. My mobile is 07717 600549 and home number 01883 345055.

Amy Jones, a responsible 19-year-old girl with experience of looking after children would be happy to baby-sit for you.   

Please call 01883 342683.

Girl playing with small child Clipart babysitter on chair

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