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Guild of Friends

St. Lawrence Tours

Munch with Music

What is Spring? - poem

Guild of Friends of St. Lawrence Church

We are delighted that, at the time of writing, £258.39 has been raised for St. Lawrence’s Community Fund.  Thank you everyone who has helped to raise this fantastic sum by using their Co-op membership card at the Caterham Hill Co-op.  We remain a “local cause” until the autumn so there is still plenty of time to join if you want to help us raise a lot more money for the Ancient Church.

To briefly recap on the details given in the February Beacon:  You can buy a Co-op membership card for £1 by applying online at coop.co.uk/register, calling 0800 023 4708 or by going to the Caterham Hill Co-op to ask for a temporary card and then follow the instructions on the card.  As I said before, “Every little helps”.

The Guild AGM will be held on Thursday 12th April at 7.30pm in St. Lawrence’s church.  It will be followed by drinks and nibbles.  Come along and hear about the numerous plans for fund-raising this year.   

Elaine Williams

Hon. Sec.

Munch with Music

Wednesday 4 April at St. John’s Church.

Music provided by Juliette Koch, Soprano

and Claire Habbershaw, Piano.

Admission Free, but Donations welcome.

Tea/Coffee from 12:15pm, Performance 12:45 - 1:30pm.

You are invited to bring your own "Munch".

What is Spring?

Spring is the end of puddles that freeze,

Seeing new, green buds in the trees,

Cherry-blossom, the pink and white tresses

Looking like frills on little girls’ dresses.

Spring means shrubs coming into bloom,

The pale viburnum, the yellow broom,

Forsythia, azaleas, and more to delight,

So many gardens a lovely sight.

A box of flowers on the window ledge,

Sweet-scented honeysuckle in the hedge,

Then bluebell woods, oh, what pleasure

The sight and scent of this yearly treasure.

Spring is the sweet sound of birdsong at dawn

That brightens our day if we feel forlorn,

What a happy serenade they bring,

These little birds who love to sing.

Spring is the sky becoming blue,

Some sunshine, some cloud, a shower or two,

Beauty and light to bring us cheer,

Give thanks to God, for Spring is here!

Irene Schofield

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