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Blast from the past

Walking for Health

When Did You Last Hear a Cuckoo

Blast from the Past

Here is an extract from the Caterham Parish Magazine – August 1938.

St. Mary’s has just had it’s May Fair - luckily we made a bit more than this!

Walk with Us this Summer

East Surrey Walking for Health, your local Walking for Health scheme, offers free, friendly health walks throughout the year. Walking is a great way to get active, meet new people and explore your local area.

With walks ranging from 30 minutes to 90 minutes there’s something for everyone. By keeping walks short, new walkers and those with long term health conditions will feel more confident getting started.

We would especially like to invite you all to come along to our new walk at QUEENS PARK. This is a 45 minute walk, starting at the Douglas Brunton Centre, around the lovely local park. At the end of the walk, walkers can enjoy a coffee and cake, or even lunch (book before walking) at the centre.

Our volunteer walk leaders help all sorts of people to enjoy the many health benefits that regular walking brings, providing support every step of the way, whilst our walkers make new friends and get to know their local area. Many of us know we should be more active, so why not join us this summer?

Walking counts towards the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity people should be doing each week and, in just a short time, it can significantly improve a person’s health, well-being and confidence. We also have walks in Merstham, Banstead, Tadworth, Lingfield; Bletchingley; Tandridge; Godstone and Nutfield Marsh – to name but a few! Also, try out our new 45 minute YMCA walk and our 30 minute Macmillan Cake Walk – for anyone affected by cancer (patients, carers, friends and family).

All our walks are free and accessible and there’s no need to book. Just turn up ten minutes before setting off in order to register.  

Details of all the walks are online at www.ymcaeastsurrey.org.uk/walks

We are always on the look-out for volunteer walk leaders and assistants too!  If you’d like to join our walks, or know someone who might, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me (Julie, Coordinator) at YMCA East Surrey, telephone 01737 779979,  or email:

When Did You Last Hear a Cuckoo?

Or see a Grasshopper hop?

East Surrey Walkers was formed some 34 years ago, and as their veteran walkers will tell you many of Surrey’s wildlife species, together with the rest of the UK, are threatened with extinction. 34 years ago, when out for a walk, you would not have been surprised to hear a cuckoo or see a grasshopper hop. Sadly that is not the case today.

Our abundance of wildlife continues to fall with a recent State of Nature report estimating one in six animals, birds, fish and plants have already been lost.  Who remembers The Great Yellow Bumblebee, The Chequered Skipper Butterfly, Corncrake Bird, Orange Spotted Emerald Dragonfly, Rooting Puffball Fungi, Greater Mouse Eared Bat, York Groundsel, Red Backed Shrike.  All have died out in the last 50 years or so.  Ants, Bees, Beetles, Birds, Dragonflies, Fish, Flees, Moths, Shrimps, Spiders, Wasps and many plant species are all in decline.

Many walkers, because of their love of the great outdoors not surprisingly have an affinity with nature.  There is serious concern about the declining numbers of newts, marsh grasshopper, hedgehogs and sand lizards in particular. Plants like Corn Marigolds, Sulphur Clove, Spiked Rampion, Wood Calamint, Yellow Broomrape, are all disappearing from our shores.  The work that insects and invertebrates do is also often misunderstood but without them the environment would soon breakdown, as they help pollination and keep soil healthy. Around 45 species of Beetle have been lost in the past century.

Walking, as many of our 80/90 year veterans will verify, is not just about keeping fit but developing an interest in our environment protecting it for future generations.  If you would like to know more about East Surrey Walkers go to www.eastsurreywalkers.org.uk. We have over 400 members, with 4 free walks a week. We provide something for everyone.

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