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Hibernation - not for ESW

Morning Prayer

Caterham Community Choir

Hibernation – not for East Surrey Walkers

September marks the beginning of our meteorological autumn.

Often known as the harvest month, each day the sun rises a little later and dips lower in the sky. A sign to every living creature that winter is not far away.

As the cold creeps in many animals banquet on a variety of wild forest food and bugs,to build up fat reserves to last them through the winter. Hedgehogs,Dormice, Bats, Queen bees, Frogs and Toads all go into some form of hibernation. The animals slow their heart rate, breathing, and lower body temperature to save energy.

Fortunately, the 1,300 members of East Surrey Walkers do not have to go in hibernation and can continue to choose from 52 free walks every quarter to keep them active. Perhaps an extra sweater, socks hat, or a tot of whisky, and they stay comfy and warm.

So don’t be a HIBERNATOR this autumn: come and step out with East Surrey Walkers.

Morning Prayer with Churches Together

After the Churches Together away day last year, it was decided to build on relationships between the churches by praying together and we have established a routine of praying Morning Prayers together every Wednesday at 8.30am.

During September these services will take place at St. Paul’s Church, Woldingham.   

In future months it will be at the following venues.

October - Caterham Community Church

November - St. John's (which will take place on Thursday)

December - St. Luke's.

All are welcome!

Caterham Community Choir

Saturday 7th October

An evening with Caterham Community Choir

together with Local Supporting Artistes,

at de Stafford School, Burntwood Lane, Caterham.

7.00pm for 7.15pm

Raising funds for Caterham Dene Hospital League of Friends.

Tickets: £5.00

from Jean 01883 345619 or Sheila 01883 345678.

Person praying