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FreeSpirit Music Group

The "Free Spirit" music group provides the music for Holy Communion at 9:30am on the first Sunday of each month and for the "Time & Space" Service, on the evening of the second Sunday in the month. They occasionally also play at other churches of the team. They meet for practice in the St. Paul's Centre at 8pm on Tuesday evenings.

Read the FreeSpirit Report prepared for the Annual Parochial Meeting.

If you would like more information, contact Martin Dollery (see contacts page).

On special Sundays, the group is augmented by members of the congregation, adults and youngsters, who bring along their own instruments: drums, flute, violin, trumpet - all available instruments are used. The group sometimes prepares for these services at a "Music Workshop", usually the day before.

Photo of Group Photo of Group Photo of Group

The group on the visit to another church

Two of the group on a visit to another church

Young people's augmented group getting ready to play for an Advent Sunday service