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Rules for Hiring St. Mary’s Church Hall

St Mary's Hall Contract for Users


The Hall, Kitchen and Lavatories may be hired under the following terms:

1. Confirmation of hiring and a deposit of £50, refunded on receipt of keys and a tidy hall.

2. Collect and sign for the keys.

3. Use of the chairs and tables accessible, which are then returned to the sides of the room or cupboard.

4. Other equipment in the cupboards and room are not for use unless applied for to the owners of the equipment.

5. The kitchen equipment in the accessible cupboards may be used, but must be cleaned and returned to the cupboards.

6. The fridge will not be on unless you put it on, please switch it off when you finish and refrain from leaving any food in it. The door must be left open when you turn it off.

7. Please take all of your belongings and rubbish home with you when you leave.

8. After use please sweep the floor and wipe up any spillages

9. The lavatories must be left in the state you would like to find them, remember children do not always say when they have had a problem in the loo!

10. All doors and windows must be shut after use. Please check the fire exit and use the window pole

11. Please leave the curtains open when you finish and do not allow children to swing or hide behind them.

12. Any electrical equipment is brought at the owners own risk, however if your equipment fuses the whole building, you will be held liable for any repairs or bills incurred.

13. All breakages should be reported when the keys are returned to the Parish Administrator either by letter with the keys through the letterbox or via phone. The Parish Administrators hours are 9.30 - 12.00 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

14. The church follows the Church of England policy for Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults and all our workers and helpers with children have been CRB checked. Safeguarding is your responsibility for your event on these premises and the church will not accept liability.

15. Start and finish times must be adhered to as other organisations book the premises and expect to start promptly.

16. Excessive overuse and abuse of the time will be charged.

17. The heating is available between 1 October and 1 May, but not during the summer months.

18. The key holder is responsible for locking up and turning the lights off.

19. Insurance - The hall is fully covered for any claims due to negligence on the part of the PCC. However, the user must take out its own insurance to cover any claims which may arise in relation to its use of the hall.

20. Please do not use sticky tape on the walls or ceiling. Please use blue-tac only.

21. Please do not leave towels on the cookers due to risk of fire.

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