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Letter from the Rector

There is no Letter from the Rector this month due to illness.

Understanding the Trinity

‘The words ‘God is love’ have no real meaning unless God contains at least two Persons. Love is something that one person has for another person. If God was a single person, then before the world was made, He was not love.’ (CS Lewis).

Trinity Sunday takes place this month (11th June), yet the idea of One God in three Persons is not easy to get our heads around. CS Lewis was right in saying that we have to understand the doctrine in relational terms. So why is the Trinity so important for us?

First, the Trinity provides us with a model of community.

God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit relate to one another in love and work together to accomplish God’s purpose in the world. At His baptism, Jesus the Son is obedient to His Father’s purpose, who declares His approval and the Spirit anoints Jesus for ministry.

Secondly, we find our mission in the Trinity.

As the Father sent His Son into the world, so Jesus sends us out to do the Father’s work, equipped by the Spirit of God.

All three persons of the Godhead are at work in our lives and church, as well as in the world around. If we live with a renewed awareness of the Trinity, our spiritual lives will take on a new vitality and urgency.

Article taken from “The Parish Pump”, a website for church magazine editors.

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