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Annual Report - Deanery Synod

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The Caterham Deanery Synod acts as a channel of communication between the Southwark Diocesan Synod (the main policy making body in the Diocese) and the parishes of the Deanery, namely the Caterham and Warlingham Team Ministries.  Information and decisions go up and down the chain.  For the year to April 2016 the Synod met four times. The membership comprises clergy and laity.

The January 2015 meeting was a joint one with South Croydon Deanery, which was addressed by Bishop Jonathan and matters of mutual interest were discussed.  At the June meeting our Chair Rev. Duncan Swan was welcomed back.

It has long been thought that the Caterham Deanery was too small to be really effective in today’s world.  Of the other Deaneries in the Reigate Archdeaconry, Godstone is a lot bigger than us and Reigate is much bigger still.  It has been mooted that Caterham and Godstone should get together to form a new Tandridge Deanery.  Much of the year has been spent working out how this will work and seeking approval from the Diocese and all the PCCs in both existing deaneries.  The process is time consuming and ongoing discussions have and are continuing to taking place.

If all goes to plan this will be the last report from the Caterham Deanery, as this time next year it is hoped the report will come from the new Tandridge Deanery.

Chris Clementi

Hon. Treasurer Caterham Deanery Synod

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